What people love about living at Woodgate

There is no denying the strong sense of community that has already formed at Woodgate. Find out what it is people love most about where they live…


Laura: The community spirit

Laura moved to Woodgate in March 2021 and told us about making friends with her new neighbours:

“We all moved in at roughly the same time so we were all keen to make Woodgate a great place to belong.  There are lots of young people starting out as well as older families with children so there’s a strong community vibe.”

“Bringing a community together for celebrations, like the Euros when Thakeham provided a big outdoor screen on the green, or our Halloween event and Christmas, seems a traditional way of life but it’s been fantastic to meet so many friendly people”



Sophie & Jon: Village life

Sophie and Jon wanted to live within easy reach of both their work commitments and their families in Surrey and West Sussex respectively.

“The best thing about living at Woodgate is knowing that soon we will have our own little village with a village store, café and community hub. We are looking forward to summer days on the green and we also love the fact that there are so many gorgeous places to walk around and explore with our puppy…We both feel very grateful that we worked so hard to be able to buy our first home together in such a gorgeous location and with lovely people surrounding us.”



Jennifer & Kirk: Woodgate Primary School

Jennifer and Kirk moved to Woodgate just in time for their son, Cody, to start at the brand-new Woodgate Primary School.

“Being able to walk home with friends or popping to the park for a quick swing, knowing that we don’t need to jump on the motorway every morning and fight through school run traffic with the added difficulty of parking played a huge part in our deciding factor to relocate.” At Woodgate the homes are all within 5 mins safe walking distance of the school.


Brand new £4 million Woodgate Primary School opened for the first time in September 2021. Find out more about the community and amenities at Woodgate here.

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