Summer Cleaning: Ways to Keep Your Home Fresh All Season

Although winter and mud are typically associated with muckier homes, Summer brings with it its own cleaning challenges

With increased humidity, pollen, insects, and outdoor activities, it’s important to keep on top of tidying during the summer months.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the best ways to maintain a clean and inviting home throughout the summer season. From decluttering and organising to reducing humidity and odours, tackling dust and dirt, and repelling pests, we’ve got you covered.

Decluttering & organising

To be able to stay on top of cleaning during the Summer, it’s essential to start by decluttering and organising your space. Throw or give away anything you don’t need anymore, sort through closets and storage spaces, and start to create a more streamlined living environment. Some key tips for the various areas include:



  • Throw away expired pantry items and think about giving away any items you’re unlikely to use
  • Organise the remaining things into categories e.g. a draw for herbs, a shelf for baking, a cupboard for pasta and other dried goods
  • Declutter countertops by putting away things you rarely use — and leaving frequently-used items on display for easy access
  • Match up your tupperware lids and boxes, and recycle any mismatched pieces


Living room

  • Clear and put away items that don’t ‘live’ in the living room
  • Go through old magazines, newspapers, and books that are laying around — sort into piles for keeping, throwing, and giving away
  • Implement storage solutions like baskets, storage benches, and shelves
  • Declutter the surfaces, only keeping out essential items
  • Use decorative storage like small boxes or trays for things like the remote control and other small items



  • Use the ‘does it spark joy?’ method to evaluate your clothing — donate or sell anything that doesn’t
  • Use draw dividers to keep socks, underwear, and accessories organised
  • Invest in under-bed storage draws so you can put away things you don’t use or wear regularly (e.g. winter clothes!)
  • Create designated spots for things like jewellery, sunglasses, and watches e.g. jewellery racks, boxes, and small shelves


  • Sort through and throw away any expired medicines and toiletries
  • Put away back-up items (e.g. if you have more than one bar of soap out)
  • Consider wall-mounted shelving or cabinets to make use of wall space and keep surfaces tidy
  • Store items you use daily in a small bag, box, or tray on the countertop
  • Use baskets to store towels neatly



  • Clear dead or wilted plants and weeds
  • Trim overgrown shrubs, trees, and hedges
  • Sort through tools, pots, and toys, throwing away anything that’s broken or not needed anymore
  • Organise supplies in a shed or storage box (outdoor storage benches are great for this)

Decluttering and organising your entire home can feel like a big job — but you’ll feel glad when you’ve done it. If you’ve done it for the first time in a while, then you’ll quickly find that keeping up with it is a case of ‘little and often’ (rather than needing to dedicate days at a time!).

Some people like to think of these little ongoing tasks as things they can do as the kettle boils. Every time you’re making a cuppa this summer, look around at what things you can tidy away in the two minutes it takes for the water to boil. You can even make it a challenge if you like to chase that dopamine — how much better can you make the house look in 90 seconds?


Reducing humidity & odours

Summer heat often leads to increased humidity levels, which can result in musty odours and discomfort. Besides using air fresheners generally keeping up with cleaning, there are a few ways you can keep your house smelling fresh in the summer months!


‘Stuffy air’ often comes from a lack of ventilation in the home. Make the most of fans and windows to bring in air, ensuring you have a cross-breeze through the house.

When cooking and using the bathroom, switch on your ceiling fans to eliminate excess moisture.

Ventilation as a rule does come with a few caveats, though. When it’s really hot, it tends to be a better idea to keep your windows (and even curtains) shut during the day to avoid bringing the hot external air into your home. As the heat dies off into the evening, open up your windows to cool the house.

If you really struggle with humidity in the summer months – say, if the bathroom gets mouldy – consider investing in a dehumidifier. These can be placed in the ‘problem room’ or just in a central area if you want to bring the humidity down in general.


Keep on top of bin duty

Food waste is a particularly guilty culprit for musty summer odours. Our advice is to make sure that you don’t let the bin get too full, taking it out before you absolutely need to. This’ll help keep the flies (and maggots!) at bay too.

When you do take the bin out, use the opportunity to give it a wash with hot water and washing up liquid or a disinfectant spray.

As for recycling, it’s a good idea to wash out any cans and bottles before throwing them away to help prevent mould build-up.


Clean & air out fabrics

Let’s face it — we can sweat a lot in those stuffy summer months. Inevitably, sweat builds up on furniture and bedding and can, in turn, make for some unwanted odours. Some key tips here include:

  • Wash bedding regularly
  • Air out duvets and pillows at least once a month by hanging them up outside
  • Use mattress and pillow protectors that are moisture-wicking and breathable
  • Let in sunlight and let air circulate through
  • Use fabric fresheners if needs be

You can also use baking soda to freshen up mattresses and upholstery. Just sprinkle a layer on and leave it to absorb the odours for a few hours before hoovering it off.

Lastly, – and stay with us here – showering before bed can be a great way to ensure that the day’s built-up dust, dirt, and sweat doesn’t make its way onto your sheets. Plus, who doesn’t like a night-time shower in the summer?


Tackling dust & dirt

With the doors and windows open more frequently during summer, dust and dirt tend to accumulate faster. Not to mention the fact that we’re all outdoors far more often, be it on hikes, at the beach, or just hanging out in the garden. So how do you stay on top of dirt and grime?


Regular dusting & vacuuming

Try to implement a regular dusting routine using microfibre cloths or dusters to capture dust. Vacuuming floors, carpets, and even furniture regularly is essential to maintaining a clean and allergen-free environment.

If you struggle with timings and remembering when you last swept and hoovered, why not create a rota? It may sound silly, but it can really help. Add a tick box to fill in when you complete the task of, say, vacuuming key areas every third or fourth day.


Sweeping outdoor areas

Dirty outdoor areas are often the culprit for muck inside — after all, we’re constantly in and out of the house in the summer months, and often don’t take our shoes off every time!

Leave a strong-bristled broom outside to use on patio areas and walkways. Try to give them a quick sweep whenever you remember, even if it’s just once a week.

Another great way to stop dirt coming indoors from the garden is by placing coir mats by the back door – one outside, one inside.


Use air purifiers

Air purifiers don’t just refresh stale air – great for hot summer evenings – but they also keep dust to a minimum. If you can get your hands on an air purifier, make sure it has a HEPA filter; these can remove even larger dust particles from the air, stopping them from settling on surfaces. 

They can also help remove pollen particles — so if you have any hayfever sufferers in your house, they’ll thank you!


Keep clutter to a minimum

It’s easy to overlook, but the more cluttered your home, the more surfaces there are for dust to settle on.

Having clutter out on the floor and countertops also makes these areas harder to clean (and easier to put off managing!).


Repelling pests

We love summer and all the wildlife that it brings — there’s nothing better than watching the birds and butterflies in the garden on a warm day. But hot weather tends to also bring with it some more unwanted critters!

Ideally, you should prep your home a little before the hottest days when pests are most active, by sealing cracks and gaps in windows and doors. As you can imagine, bugs and mozzies in your home are another unfortunate side effect of opening windows and doors, too. So, if you can, keep this to a minimum and install fly nets where possible.

If you’re finding that bugs are still making their way into your home, there are natural pest deterrents you can use around entry points. Peppermint, lavender, and citronella essential oils are particularly effective!

Staying on top of emptying the bins is another key factor in repelling bugs.


Enjoy your home all season

A happy family and their dog play outside their house in the summer, the sun setting behind them.

Although it can seem overwhelming, maintaining a tidy home during the warmer months is definitely doable. We’re all unique, so make sure that you set aside some time to create a strategy that works for you — you’ll soon feel like it’s back in your control.

By starting with decluttering and organising your space, it becomes much easier to manage your ongoing cleaning routine.

We hope these tips have given you some ideas for keeping your home fresh and comfortable all summer long! 


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