Where to Start with Your New Build House Garden

If you’ve just bought your new build, then you’re probably feeling super excited about your new home.

Finally, a place you can call your own — one that’s kitted out with all the latest insulation, white goods, and smart home technology.

Better still, if you’ve bagged yourself a place with a garden, you’ve got plenty of memory-making days to look forward to in your own green space.

A person with gloves on digs a small hole in a garden bed to plant a new flower.


But there’s also a chance you’re at a loss for where to begin. A new build garden is an opportunity for you to put your own stamp on the place. You don’t have to deal with the issues previous owners left behind, like neglected, overgrown gardens, drainage problems because of irresponsible concreting, or just a planting layout that’s not to your taste.

Usually, developers of new builds will make gardens that are well-draining and well-manicured — but generally, they will be a blank slate. We understand that that’s both an exciting and daunting concept! So, we wanted to give you a helping hand, with some ideas for where to start with your new build house garden.


Start gathering inspiration

This might sound like a cop-out – you came here for ideas, after all – but it really is important that you see all kinds of gardens to get a grasp of what you love.

Attend local open garden events, or simply look online for inspiration. Try Pinterest, magazines, and books to collect some images you like. Spend some time in your garden using your imagination to envision styles and features that could work with your space and the light.

What inspires you? Think about whether you like…

  • Cosy cottage gardens brimming with pots
  • More formal, romantic manor-like gardens
  • Super-modern, sleek, minimalist gardens
  • Functional kitchen gardens that produce herbs & vegetables
  • Wild-looking gardens with minimal walking & sitting spaces


Carve out paths & patios

Before you start any landscaping or planting, it’s a good idea to figure out what your desires are for any paved areas. Take into consideration the size of your garden and how you want to enjoy the space. 

Do you envision spending most of your time on the patio? Would you prefer a larger patio area or a larger garden area? Do you need play areas for children, or foresee yourself needing any? 

For smaller gardens, we particularly like curved stone garden paths and small patios with low-lying hedges at the edges to create a sense of different spaces.

When considering garden pathways, think about how they can be both beautiful and practical. If you place them before you do anything else, you can avoid getting muddy as you carry on creating your dream garden!

A narrow garden path made up of individual stones embedded into the grass.A small patio area with a bistro dining set in a colourful garden.

Map out borders & planting areas

To start with, a new garden can just feel like a flat square or rectangle. The key, then, is adding dimension and various areas to enjoy.

Raised beds are a particularly good trick for adding interest, and tall grasses can be used at the back of gardens to bring height to your garden. Although it might seem like tall plants will enclose a space, it can actually do the opposite by breaking up your fences and adding a sense of space and mystery. 

Grow climbers up trellises to add character to fences and plant trees where you want shaded areas. Some fast-growing plants for instant impact include buddleia and lavatera.

You should also decide whether you want lawns or not — it’s often assumed that lawns are a given, but you don’t have to have them. If you don’t really have the space for a lawnmower, then you might want to consider gravelling certain areas and extending flower beds. But if you do opt for lawns, think about lawnmower space and the shape of the areas.

To make a flat, square space feel more free-flowing, we particularly like curved lawn edges.

A wheelbarrow and spade sit at the edge of a curved garden border.

Add texture

When you take a trip to the garden centre, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the options — there are so many plants to choose from, let alone pots and containers. But not everything has to be planted directly into the ground, and pots can bring dimension to your space.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, here. Have a rummage at a car boot sale and get creative with the possibilities. Really anything can be a plant’s home if you try!

Old butler sinks, steel buckets, and fruit boxes are some great unique options for bringing your garden to life with texture.


Plant for pollinators

To make your garden a successful one in the long run, it’s important to think about planting for pollinators. Because it’s so beneficial, here at Woodgate we give all new residents wildflower seeds so they can get started right away. Not only does this improve the growth of your plants, but you’ll get to enjoy the wildlife that will call your garden “home”.

The keys to planting for pollinating creatures are:

  • Choosing a variety of plants that bloom throughout the growing season
  • Ensure you opt for native varieties that usually grow in the UK
  • Add a small section or pot for herbs like sage & thyme
  • Choose some night-scented plants such as evening primrose and honeysuckle
  • Avoid pesticides and fertilisers and opt for natural alternatives like seaweed extract

Adding pollinator favourites to your garden is a surefire way to bring it to life with butterflies, moths, and more.

Colourful wildflowers in a UK garden.

Accessorise your space

Not to be underestimated, the final touches to your garden are often what make it feel like an extension of your indoor living space, and somewhere you want to spend time.

Add fun and function with sofas, tables, and BBQ areas. Think about how to add lighting, shade, and possibly even heat (for the colder months) to your outdoor areas without it feeling like an afterthought. On dark nights, for example, tealights won’t cut it! 

Again, think about the kind of style you like in other people’s gardens: sleek lights in-built into brickwork, or ambient fairy lights hanging from pergolas? Low-lying sofas made from wood and cushions, or metal-worked chairs and bistro tables?

With a bit of time and dedication, your new build home garden can be the haven you always imagined. Even if it takes a few years to get there, you can still enjoy your space in the meantime — knowing you have a vision to work towards.

Here at Woodgate, we take pride in building new homes surrounded by green spaces. Most of our properties are sold with private gardens or access to peaceful shared areas. Front and rear gardens are turfed and landscaped beautifully, but with all the flexibility for you to make them your own.

Learn more about Woodgate here and browse our properties to see what’s available!