Woodgate’s Guide to Schools Local to Pease Pottage in Crawley

Choosing the right education for your children is a crucial decision.

As crucial as choosing where to move to!

If you’re thinking of moving to our bustling Woodgate community in Pease Pottage, we’re here to help you explore the wealth of schools available nearby.

Happy primary school students learning together.

Whether you’re looking for independent or state pre-schools, primary schools, secondary schools, sixth forms, or all of the above, you’ll find a diverse range of great schools to cater to your family’s needs. Let’s dive in and discover the array of local options available!


Pre-school & nursery

There are some great pre-schools and nurseries in the Crawley area, ideal for families considering a move to Woodgate in Pease Pottage. With top-notch facilities and dedicated staff, these early education centres make for a great start for young minds.


K2 Pre-school Academy

Type: Pre-school and creche

Ages: 2-4 years

Location & distance from Woodgate: Pease Pottage Hill, 1.5 miles away

Ofsted rating: Rated ‘Good’ in 2017

Website: https://www.k2preschoolacademy.co.uk/

K2 Pre-School Academy is a brilliant preschool located within the esteemed K2 Crawley Leisure complex. Situated on the outskirts of Crawley town centre, this facility offers easy access to the M23/A23, ensuring a convenient commute for families.

At K2 Pre-School Academy, children are warmly welcomed by a highly professional, fun, and motivational team of staff. The focus here is on engaging young learners in their educational journey through playful daily activities and experiences. This hope is that this approach fosters a solid foundation for more formal education, igniting a lifelong passion for learning!


Busy Bees Nursery

Type: Nursery

Ages: 2-4 years

Location & distance from Woodgate: Crawley, 10 miles away

Ofsted rating: Rated ‘Good’ in 2023

Website: https://www.busybeeschildcare.co.uk/nursery/crawley

Situated within the conveniently-located Denvale Trade Park, this nursery offers an enormous range of stimulating resources and equipment that fuels young minds’ creativity. With all sorts of thrilling activities planned out, there’s never a dull moment here.

At Busy Bees, the nursery team takes pride in providing exceptional care, with children’s ‘wellbeing and overall development front of mind always’. From crawling to walking, reading, and potty training, every milestone is approached with utmost attention and support. Parents can trust that their little ones are thriving in the best possible environment, as they explore, learn, and grow in a safe and loving atmosphere.

woodgate primary school in the dawn sun, glinting off the facade

Infant & primary schools

The Pease Pottage and wider Crawley area boasts an array of excellent infant and primary schools.. These schools are committed to providing a well-rounded education, emphasising academic excellence, creative exploration, and personal growth. 


Woodgate Primary Academy

Type: State Academy

Ages: 4-11 years

Location & distance from Woodgate: On the Woodgate development, 0 miles away

Ofsted rating: Rated ‘Good’ in 2017

Website: https://www.woodgateprimary.school/

The new Woodgate Primary Academy’s motto “Working together to be our best” exemplifies their collaborative spirit. Nestled in a picturesque location adjacent to Tilgate Forest, right next to the Woodgate community, it’s an ideal choice for families considering relocating to Pease Pottage. There’s already a strong cohort of children in the area that attend the school together! 

Staff here prioritise the enjoyment of learning, continually striving to make school a delightful place for students. Initiatives such as Forest Schools add to the excitement, providing engaging and hands-on educational experiences amidst nature’s beauty.

In addition, Woodgate Primary Academy boasts a strong SEND policy and provision. Every child receives the support they need to thrive and reach their full potential.

Students of Warninglid Primary School will move into brand new Woodgate Primary School from September 2021

Cottesmore School

Type: Independent with boarding

Ages: 4-13 years

Location & distance from Woodgate: Pease Pottage, 1.6 miles away 

Independent Schools Inspectorate rating: Rated ‘Good’ to ‘Excellent’ in 2019

Website: https://www.cottesmoreschool.com/

Cottesmore School is an award-winning institution, having been recognised as ‘Prep School of the Year’ at the Tatler Schools Awards 2020 and the ‘Boarding School of the Year’ at the Times Educational Supplement Awards 2019.

Located on the border of Surrey and Sussex, Cottesmore School was founded in 1894. This independent boarding school offers a thoughtfully designed academic curriculum covering a wide range of subjects, including mathematics, linguistics, sciences, technology, humanities, and creative arts. For the physical development of students, a comprehensive sporting curriculum is provided.

Of pastoral care, their website chimes these reassuring words: “Our first duty when a child arrives at Cottesmore is to make him or her feel happy, secure and at ease in these new surroundings and to realise that school is an extension of home”


Broadfield Primary Academy

Type: State

Ages: 4-11 years

Location & distance from Woodgate: Broadfield, 1.6 miles away

Ofsted rating: Rated ‘Good’ in 2019

Website: https://www.bpa-tkat.org/

Broadfield Primary Academy is guided by the ethos, “Our decisions and efforts revolve around the best interests of the children in our care”. Their focus is on helping pupils find fulfilment through a love of learning and exploring their intellectual, creative, physical, and emotional capabilities.

In the 2019 Ofsted report, Broadfield Primary Academy received a good deal of praise, with pupils described as “delightful and exceptionally well-behaved”. The assessor said that their support of one another could be felt in class, at play time, and across year groups. High praise indeed!


Desmond Anderson Primary School

Type: Academy

Ages: 4-11 years

Location & distance from Woodgate: Crawley, 2 miles away

Ofsted rating: Rated ‘Good’ in 2019

Website: https://www.desmondandersonprimaryacademy.org.uk/

Conveniently located just 2 miles from the Woodgate development, Desmond Anderson Primary School is an ideal choice for families planning a move with a short commute to school.

Their core values of Aspiration, Resilience, Independence, Working Together, and Respect shape the foundation of their educational approach, nurturing well-rounded individuals who are prepared to embrace challenges and contribute positively to the world.

Beyond school hours and the academic year, the school orchestrates fun events like the Summer Fayre, creating exciting opportunities for families and the community to come together.

Desmond Anderson Primary School also offers a nursery on-site, catering to families with younger children alongside primary-aged students.


Secondary schools & sixth forms

For families seeking exceptional secondary education options near Woodgate in Pease Pottage, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our rundown of some of the best secondary schools and sixth forms in Crawley, where students can expect a comprehensive and enriching learning experience.

A row of smiling secondary school students at their desks.

Atelier 21 Future School

Type: Independent

Ages: 0-16 years

Location & distance from Woodgate: Crawley, 1.4 miles away

Ofsted rating: Rated ‘Good’ in 2022

Website: https://www.atelier21schools.co.uk/

Little Barn Owls nursery and prep school also on site

Atelier 21 Future School is a private secondary school in Crawley with a revolutionary approach to education. With the belief that young people require different skills to thrive in the modern world, they have forged a unique learning environment.

At Atelier 21, children learn through a blend of academic workshops, project-based learning, and self-directed learning — a multifaceted approach that nurtures students’ curiosity and creativity while preparing them for 21st-century life.

In the senior school, Atelier 21 Future School delivers the prestigious International Baccalaureate (IB) program, a world-leading exam system that aligns seamlessly with the school’s ethos and learning approach. 

Additionally, Atelier 21 boasts the Little Barn Owls Nursery and a prep school on-site, providing a seamless educational journey from early childhood to adolescence.


Thomas Bennett Community College

Type: Academy

Ages: 12-18 years

Location & distance from Woodgate: Crawley, 2.3 miles away

Ofsted rating: Rated ‘Good’ in 2022

Website: https://www.thomasbennett-tkat.org/

This school’s ethos revolves around ‘ASPIRE’: Achievement, Self-confidence, Pride, Independence, Respect, and Effort.

The head teacher, Emer Lesova, says, “We are an inclusive community school that celebrates the diversity of our students and allows them to develop a clear understanding of why achievement matters to their future goals and aspirations.”

The Thomas Benett sixth form offers a diverse range of A-level and vocational subjects, enabling students to explore various fields such as art, theatre studies, business, sport studies, biology, English, and more! There’s something for everyone at this school.


Holy Trinity C Of E Secondary School

Type: Church of England, state

Ages: 11-16 years

Location & distance from Woodgate: Crawley, 2.8 miles away

Ofsted rating: Rated ‘Good’ in 2018

Website: https://www.holytrinity.w-sussex.sch.uk/

If you’re keen to raise your children with Christian values, the Holy Trinity might be just the place for you; the 2022 Ofsted report said, ‘Holy Trinity School has a clear and distinctive Christian vision which is evident in the highest quality pastoral care and ensures the flourishing of pupils and adults.’

With a rich history spanning over 50 years, the school is widely regarded for its outstanding reputation, embracing a multi-faith, multi-cultural community in Crawley.

At Holy Trinity, their foundation is built upon four key pillars: dignity, community, wisdom, and hope. These pillars form the backbone of their educational philosophy, nurturing students into well-rounded individuals.


Worth School

Type: Independent with boarding

Ages: 11-18 years

Location & distance from Woodgate: Crawley, 3.9 miles away

Independent Schools Inspectorate: Rated ‘Excellent’ in 2017

Website: https://worthschool.org.uk/

This is an exceptional independent boarding school in Crawley, known for its outstanding academic achievements. With GCSE performance consistently surpassing the national average, the school’s ISI report in 2017 praised the pupils’ achievements.

Beyond academics, Worth School offers an extensive array of co-curricular activities, including sports, music, drama, and the creative arts. With over 150 activities, clubs, and societies available each week, every student has the chance to be inspired and challenged, gaining valuable insights into life’s broader context.

Within the school’s five boarding houses, each led by a dedicated Housemaster or Housemistress, pastoral care and welfare are given top priority. Of course, day students are also welcomed at Worth!


Universities & colleges near Pease Pottage

If you’re looking even further ahead or are moving to the area with older children, you’ll likely be thinking about university and college options. 

Fortunately, Woodgate is well-placed for students looking to commute or stay relatively close to home as they make that big next step! Our development is well-connected to London, so there are a wealth of great higher education campuses and learning opportunities to choose from.

A silhouette of a graduate in cap and gown against a setting sun.

Growing up in a blossoming community

As you can see, Pease Pottage and the wider Crawley area offer a wealth of schooling options, making Woodgate an ideal location for families thinking of moving to the area. 

From nurturing pre-schools and primary schools to exceptional secondary schools and sixth forms, there’s something to cater to every child’s needs. 

With our own new primary school, a village shop and cafe, and a village green, this truly is a connected community — and a great place for children to grow up. Why not take a look at the properties we have available at Woodgate? Or, read our blog about why residents love living here.